miércoles, 22 de diciembre de 2010

Dear Google... How do I write my artist statement?

I need to write an artist statement but I'm a bit confused. What if I ask Google?
Here are some extracts I found:

- I am a child at heart, wandering through the world awestruck at the vastness of God's creation.

- Art is my path to the best part of me, my inner child.

- I twist old myths, legends, folk stories, literary classics to reflect upon contemporary life. Although I draw mostly from Vietnamese sources, Western ancient and urban legends. (...)

- In Zen, a koan is a device_a rhetorical question, or a gesture such as yelling_that challenges the audience to directly grasp the truth behind the preconceived, the real behind the illusionary. My paintings are visual koans of a sort.

- The paintings that I make come from eyes and heart that have been thoroughly beguiled by half a life spent sojourning in a place both ephemeral and eternal... eyes that have dazzled and enchanted by an ancient place of deep and resonant character... by entracing light, by arresting faces, by syncretic and surreal dances. My work is a paean to this world.

- My textile art pieces convey simplicity, strength, quiet energy and the yin-yang of balancing forces.

- The longer you look, the more you see. The layers of life are methaphors for my art.

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