jueves, 27 de enero de 2011


I selected hundreds of images from Google Image search engine by applying red, green and blue filters respectively.

miércoles, 19 de enero de 2011

The show that's not a show at Colección Jumex

This is a "show" that's not a show. It has no title or curator. Neither catalogue or press release. It's just an art show.
Participating artists are Carlos Amorales, Matthew Barney, Lawrence Carroll, Emilio Chapela, Liza Lou, Joseph Marioni, Bosco Sodi, y Vigueta y Bovedilla.

lunes, 10 de enero de 2011

Auto-Suggestion Poems I

* These poems were generated with a computer by an auto-suggestion algorithm.

after Ezra Pound


I am the prince of darkness,
Lord of Light,
And many other things long since passed.
Over time and across,
I roam these lands for the future
And while no man than before
Save to which they belonged


O stretch fabric that is in the air!
O reaction conditions, O sacred head,
O sovereign-state my friend,
We are? O ye mountains
That said and promised and pledged,
January, children, churches!
I? I? I?
And You?


"To make him moan
"What should the response be;
"To make him moan
"And by my house to sell?


Love the thought dawned
All books like saying
Love the thought will
And here the writer
That dreams alive can tell by,
For in depth I can think through.


Love track the data
Appendix below low speed
Love track the web
And have the writer
That depends almost constant throughout time,
For''Shizzle in different IP connection to theirs.