jueves, 2 de julio de 2009

Pieces I would like to do, but I won't do.

Pieces I would like to do, but I won't. (List in progress).

1) Opening a facebook account under the name "John Smith" and invite all other John Smith's on facebook to be my friends (only them).
2) Do a "Caldo Tlalpeño" Campbell's soup painting. (Andy's style)
3) Sell Cumbia pirate CD's in London subway, using a loud "chinese" stereo-backpack. (llevelo... llevelo)
4) A sculpture made with chopped onions, so the audience cries before the masterpiece.
5) A Coca-Cola running toilet.
6) Leaving a suspicious package inside the MOMA and film the paranoid security guards removing it from the premises. Works well in airports or tall buildings as well. (This one I actually might do it, anyone knows where they have a robots to remove packages?)

This is it for now, come back for further updates.