miércoles, 29 de septiembre de 2010

Wikipedia articles (Pecha Kucha vol. 26)

10 strange and useless wikipedia articles. Selected for my presentation at Pecha Kucha vol. 26

What if?
Zimmermann Telegram

True or hoax?
Dorabella Cipher

The most mysterious manuscript:
Voynich manuscript

350 years unsolved...
Fermats Last Theorem

Familiar with this?
Blue Screen of Death

Another PC endless loop:
Abort, Retry, Fail

Unix sense of humor:
Printer on Fire

The mayor of Argleton:

Tomato IS a vegetable:
Nix vs Hedden

Sex in space:
Document 12-571-3570

jueves, 23 de septiembre de 2010

Democrazia, Democracia, Democracy, Démocratie, Demokratie

Volume of searches in Google for:

1) "Democrazia" (Italian)
2) "Democracia" (Spanish)
3) "Democracy" (English)
4) "Démocratie" (French)
5) "Demokratie" (German)

* from left to right

miércoles, 22 de septiembre de 2010

lunes, 6 de septiembre de 2010

Coca-colonized. Vienna, Austria. 16 sept.

curated by Claire Breukel

Exhibition dates
September 16 - November 20, 2010
Opening: September 16th, 7pm

Brot Kunsthalle
1100 Vienna, Austria
Absberggasse 27 / Stair 1

Anton Kannemeyer (South Africa), Peterson Kamwathi Waweru (Kenya), Cameron Platter(South Africa), Baudouin Mouanda (Congo), Maria Jose Arjona (Colombia), Simon Vega (El Salvador), Omar Obdulio (Puerto Rico), Reynier Leyva-Novo (Cuba), Emilio Chapela Perez (Mexico)

Production at Objektlabor, Berlin.

Production Process at Objeklabor in Berlin
Dollar, Euro, Peso, Pound (acrylic on canvas)